The company Alfred Schlenther was founded in 1983 as mechanical engineering company.

In 1990, the company restructured with its focus on stainless steel production.

The first products were chimney elements for the cross-sectional adaptation of chimneys.

The business has been steadily expanded. Today, the company stainless steel products cover a variety of industry sectors and applications:

  • Customer made components, eg for machines in the food and drink, including meat processing industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, automotive and engineering

  • Conveyor and feed hopper for mechanical engineering companies, which machines for the production of plastics and rubber (Series production)

  • Stainless steel products for equipment and machinery in the dairy industry or in the production of agricultural applications

  • Custom made for the swimming pool equipment (eg, bubble seats, inlet grates, filtration systems, waterfall showers, air distribution boxes, etc.)

  • Production of smokers for the fishing sport

  • Production of decorative accessories for interior and exterior design

  • Containers of different size and shape according to customer requirements for the mechanical engineering sector

We are a supplier for a wide variety of products in different sectors and industries and evolved around making our customers ideas become reality. All our products are, still today, manufactured in Germany, applying highest standard and quality.

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Alfred Schlenther

Inspriration in Stainless Steel